Выборочная установка firefox на windows

Key Features of Firefox

The salient features of Firefox are listed below

Mozilla Firefox has a simple UI which makes you browse very easily and quickly.

Mozilla Firefox has a large number of themes; that can be downloaded from the “add-ons” in the Toolbar. Users can change the appearance of the browser according to their convenience.

When comes to security, Firefox comes with Anti-Phishing that warn you and protects you from the sites are pretend. It has built-in Anti-Malware that protects you from accessing infected files.

Download FireFox Offline Installer

  • Firefox also has Windows antivirus software, which scans every file you downloaded for possible threats.
  • Private browsing will help you to erase the browsing history, password storing, cookie storing and even the downloaded file list will not be saved.

Download FireFox Offline Installer

  • The introduction of track money javascript engine in the latest version makes browsing speed 20% faster than previous versions.
  • Firefox has an option of Multi-language support. So there is no language barrier in Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  • Firefox has multiple videos and web content using layer-based direct2D and direct3D graphics systems.
  • In Firefox Offline Installer, you can open many tabs in a single glimpse.
  • You can drag and drop the items that you want, or you just simply right click on the navigation bar to access your individual components.

Download FireFox Offline Installer

How to download Firefox Offline Installer

The step by step procedure to Download Firefox Offline Installer

Step 1: Download Firefox to your PC by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Wait until the installer file downloads on your PC.

Step 3: Once it downloaded, double click and run the installer file.

Download FireFox Offline Installer

Step 4: Then go through the on-screen instructions, and within a few minutes Firefox will be installed in no time.

Download FireFox Offline Installer

Step 5: Then you can use Firefox for most advanced and secure browsing experience.

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Overall Firefox is the 2nd topmost used web browser around the world and the Mozilla Foundation has continually improved the speed, security, and features of the browser. Thanks for reading the post. If you have any query or comment about Firefox Offline Installer, please comment below!

What is the difference between each Firefox edition?

Mozilla normally releases Firefox in four editions according to the development stages.

  • Firefox Nightly
  • Firefox Aurora (Now Firefox Developers edition)
  • Firefox Beta
  • Firefox Release

Firefox Nightly

This edition is released nightly. It gets check-ins each day and gets updated two times a day. This can often lead to problems until fixed, finished or reverted. It is thus, the most unstable build.

Firefox Beta

Firefox Beta is basically the next version of Firefox released around 6 weeks in advance. While it is more stable than Nightly, it’s still not final and may have minor bugs.

Firefox Developers Edition

Firefox Developers Edition is more geared towards the developers. It has java debuggers and a lot of tools which you can access from the menu or a right-click to diagnose issues with web pages you might be working on.

Choose shortcuts

  • On my Desktop: You can choose to create a Firefox shortcut icon on the Windows Desktop.
  • In my Start Menu Programs folder: This will create a Firefox shortcut icon in the Windows Start Menu Programs folder.

After choosing which Firefox program shortcuts to create, click Next.


The Summary that comes up next will show the folder location where Firefox will be installed.

Check mark Use Firefox as my default web browser if you want Firefox to start up when you open a link in your mail application, an Internet shortcut, or HTML document. For more information, see Make Firefox your default browser.

Note: The option to make Firefox your default web browser will be missing if you don’t have permission to set Windows Registry keys or if you are installing Firefox over an existing version and Firefox is already the default browser.

If you are reinstalling Firefox over an existing version, you’ll see an Upgrade button instead of an Install button.

Click Install or Upgrade to complete the installation. When Firefox is finished installing, the «Completing the Mozilla Firefox Setup Wizard» screen will appear.

Click Finish. This will start Firefox unless you first clear the «Launch Firefox now» checkbox.

Congratulations, you are done installing Firefox!

Choose where Firefox is installed

The next step is where you can choose a different Destination Folder, which is where the Firefox program will be installed.

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\ is the default folder path on
32-bitWindows. It’s also the default location on 64-bit Windows when the 64-bit Firefox version is installed.

When the 32-bit Firefox version is installed on 64-bit Windows, the default folder path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\

You can change the folder where Firefox will be installed either by manually typing the location of another folder on your computer or you can click Browse… to select a new folder.

  • Space required: The amount of space on your hard drive that’s needed to install Firefox.
  • Space available: The amount of space available on your hard drive.

Click Next to continue.

Is my Firefox up to date?

Keeping your web browser up-to-date is imperative to ensure a safe and risk-free browsing experience. With each new build, the manufacturer releases important bug fixes and other updates to the existing browser version which is essential to be installed. If your browser is not updated, you can easily fall prey to online threats like viruses, malware, etc.

  1. To check if your Firefox browser is up to date, click the menu button.
  2. Next, click on Help and select About Firefox.
  3. The About Mozilla Firefox window will open and Firefox will begin checking for updates and downloading them automatically.

Check if Firefox is up to date

Supported MSIEXEC Options

  • /i or /package

    Installs the product.

  • /L or /log

    Generates an MSI log file. All of this option’s configuration parameters are supported.

  • /m

    • Generates an SMS status .mif file.
    • Without having a copy of Systems Management Server I’ve been unable to test this, but it should work.
  • /q, /quiet, and /passive

    Sets the UI mode. The full UI option (/qf) is accepted but ignored, because we have no full UI.

  • /norestart, /forcerestart, and /promptrestart

    The default behavior is always /norestart, but the other options behave as expected.


Options that do not operate on a package file (/?, /h, /help, /y, /z)

Баннеры Firefox

Помогите распространить Firefox по всему миру! Установите на свой сайт баннеры Firefox

Где бы вы ни находились, вы всегда можете иметь при себе именно ваш Firefox, с вашими закладками, настройками и расширениями. Для этого вам нужно всего лишь установить на ваш флеш-диск специальную версию Firefox для переносных носителей, и Firefox всегда будет с вами!

Portable Firefox 79.0

Windows (Русская версия)

С помощью MozBackup вы можете сделать резервную копию данных профиля Firefox или восстановить данные из резервной копии профиля Firefox. Вы можете сохранять и восстанавливать такие данные как настройки, закладки, историю, расширения, пароли, куки, сохранённые формы, список загрузок, сертификаты и стили пользователя Firefox.

MozBackup 1.5.1

Windows (Русская версия)

где и как скачать Opera оффлайн установщик

Ка видно по скриншоту выше, на странице есть вариации оффлайн-установщиков файлов браузеров для различных ОС.

Ниже, под кнопкой «Загрузить»( платформы Windows, Mac и Linux) видно ссылку «Загрузите пакет для автономной установки», она как раз для загрузки пакетов для автономной установки (оффлайн-установщик).

Рубрика «Браузер Опера»

Следует запомнить:

Оффлайн-установщик имеет такие особенности: для кого-то из пользователей недостаток, а для кого-то то, что нужно)) — если мы скачиваем оффлайн установщик на компьютер, то, как понимаете, у нас в папке останется та версия, которая была скачена на текущий момент времени, и, так как браузеры часто обновляются, у нас с вами через какое-то время в папке окажется старая версию браузера.

В общем, это не страшно, текущую версию любого браузера всегда можно обновить из настроек браузеров, если это обновление доступно.

Поддерживаемые параметры MSIEXEC

  • /i или /package

    Устанавливает продукт.

  • /L или /log

    Генерирует файл отчёта MSI. Поддерживаются все настройки конфигурации для этого параметра.

  • /m

    • Генерирует файл SMS-статуса .mif.
    • Без имеющейся в наличии копии Systems Management Server у меня не получилось это протестировать, но это должно работать.
  • /q, /quiet и /passive

    Устанавливает режим UI. Полная настройка варианта UI (/qf) проходит, но игнорируется, потому что у нас нет полного UI.

  • /norestart, /forcerestart и /promptrestart

    Поведение по умолчанию — всегда /norestart, но ожидаются и другие варианты поведения.


Параметры, которые не оперируют с файлом пакета (/?, /h, /help, /y, /z)

В каких случаях стоит воспользоваться оффлайн установкой

Разработчики браузеров давно используют онлайн-инсталлятор, который умеет определять характеристики компьютера и операционную систему. В соответствии с полученными данными он устанавливает определенную версию программы на устройство. Тем не менее возникают ситуации, когда установка не удовлетворяет желания пользователя. Есть несколько причин, по которым будет лучше использовать оффлайн-установщик:

  • для смены языка программы;
  • для смены разрядности;
  • будет использоваться другая операционная система;
  • необходимо изменить адрес;
  • ошибка при обновлении;
  • для быстрой инсталляции на несколько устройств.

Mozilla Firefox Update:

Firefox is a free open source web browser available for Android, Mac, Linux, & Windows OS. It’s developed by Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla gives amazing user protection features while browse. You know technology has increase day by day. And because there are lots of spammers & hackers on the web to theft users data. So, it is your responsibility to care for all of those things. The software company Mozilla has very effective security protection features to protect user data. Be careful to avoid all the things which will damage you and your business. Install Firefox offline installer on your system from here.

The second fastest browser around the World Mozilla Firefox which fully challenges internet explorer. It was firstly public launch in 2004 by Mozilla Foundation/Mozilla Corporation. Since then the update firefox browser latest version has become popular browsers globally. There are many key features included by Mozilla Corporation in this version. So, if you are not installing the popularly featured browser Mozilla. Get started to browsing the world with Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox update provides a reliable browsing facility to its users. Get the Firefox web browser on your PC or Mac to increase user experience. You can use multiple tabs for browsing. Also browse in a private tab. The browser is totally focused on toolbar controls which contain setting and options. In your browser searching bar, you can directly search for anything and auto-saved history searching. Go through your Firefox browser setting and change the search engine from Google to others like Bing, Yahoo, etc. All features are in your hand, clear history, browsing history, save files, private browse, see save passwords, remove browsing sites, block threats, block infected sites and do many more jobs manually.

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Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer:

Download Mozilla Firefox Offline installer 2020. The advantage of Mozilla firefox offline mode is that you can install Firefox updated version without internet access. Simply says, download Firefox’s latest version from the link below. It supports all Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, & Windows 10 both 32/64 bit OS and all Mac versions. If you want to browse safe & secure then you must download and install Mozilla Firefox on your PC/Mac. This will helps to remove all online threats which disturbing during online browsing. Firefox will block all online threats, infected sites from a browser that wants to make your browser safely. Download Firefox Installer offline mode.

Mozilla Browser Cool Features:

  • Popular web searcher.
  • Tested as virus-free.
  • The latest version of Mozilla firefox.
  • Very simple user-friendly.
  • Browse anything safely.
  • Block all the malicious files to make browsing better.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Easy to use.
  • More.

System Requirements:


Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 1o.

Recommended Hardware: 

  • Need Pentium 4 or higher processor that supports SSE2
  • The minimum RAM required is 512 MB and 2GB RAM for 64-bit Windows versions.
  • Need 200 MB free space in Hard Disk drive.


MacOS 10.9, MacOS 10.10, MacOS 10.11, MacOS 10.12, MacOS 10.13, MacOS 10.14, MacOS 10.15.


  • Need Macintosh computer with an Intel x86 processor.
  • Minimum required of 512 MB of RAM.
  • Need 200 MB free space in the hard disk drive.

Download Mozilla Firefox offline installer on Windows/Mac. The browser tool gives you full-time new functionalities to increase a good user browsing experience. Tap on the above-mentioned download button to get the latest version. Follow the on-screen instruction to install Mozilla Firefox offline installer on your PC.

Download Mozilla Firefox 2019 Offline Installers

Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for Windows 32 bit latest version 65.0
32 bit| Download now

 Offline Installer for Windows 64 bit Download Firefox latest version 65.0
64 bit | Download now

Latest Update Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for Linux 32 bit latest version 65.0
32 bit | Download 

Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for Linux 64 bit latest version 65.0
64 bit | Download

Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for Mac OS latest version 65.0
Latest Download

Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for Android latest version 64.0
Download latest

Standalone Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer for iOS latest version 64.0
Download Now

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  • Avast Offline installer latest version and update
  • Download Chromium Latest version


Основные возможности
Впервые знакомитесь с Mozilla Firefox? Обзор основных возможностей поможет вам быстро освоить новый браузер.
База знаний Mozilla Firefox
База знаний Mozilla Firefox.
FAQ по Mozilla Firefox
FAQ по Mozilla Firefox.
Техническая поддержка
Здесь вы можете задать вопросы и получить ответы по работе с Mozilla Firefox. Перед заданием вопроса не забудьте воспользоваться поиском по форуму, так как скорее всего на ваш вопрос уже был дан ответ.
Расширения с сайта Mozilla.org
С помощью расширений, вы можете добавить новые функции и сделать работу с Mozilla Firefox удобней.
Расширения с сайта Mozilla Russia
С помощью расширений, вы можете добавить новые функции и сделать работу с Mozilla Firefox удобней. Все расширения русифицированы.
Обучающие ролики
C помощью обучающих роликов вы можете установить и научиться работать с наиболее популярными расширениями.
Подборки расширений с сайта Mozilla.org
Подборки это группы расширений, которыми можно легко поделиться с другими пользователями.
Измените внешний вид вашего браузера, используя темы оформления.
Просмотр Flash-анимации, исполнение Java-апплетов и многое другое возможно с помощью плагинов для Mozilla Firefox.
Поисковые плагины с сайта Mozilla.org
C помощью поисковых плагинов вы можете добавить в Firefox поиск по популярным сайтам.
Поисковые плагины с сайта Mozilla Russia
C помощью поисковых плагинов вы можете добавить в Firefox поиск по популярным российским сайтам.
Словари с сайта Mozilla.org
Словари для проверки орфографии в Firefox.
Словари с сайта Mozilla Russia
Дополнительные словари для проверки орфографии.

Command-line Options¶

The full installer provides a number of options that can be used either from the GUI or from the command line. The following command line options are accepted. The list is valid for Firefox 62 and later. Prior to Firefox 62, only and are accepted, and is not available in INI files, only the plural works (even though only one shortcut is created).

The presence of any command-line option implicitly enables silent mode (see the option).

Each option must start with a as shown, or are not supported. Short names for the options are not provided; all names must be spelled out.

For options that accept or , can be left off to get the same effect. That is, and both enable the desktop shortcut.

Silent installation. This option doesn’t open the GUI, instead running the installation in the background using all the default settings. It’s useful as part of a script for configuring a new system, for example.

For backwards compatibility, this option can also be spelled .

Absolute path specifying the complete install location. This directory does not need to exist already (but it can).

If is set, then this setting will be ignored.

Name of the installation directory to create within Program Files. For example, if is set to , then the installation path will be something like . The Program Files path used will be the correct one for the architecture of the application being installed and the locale/configuration of the machine; this setting is mainly useful to keep you from having to worry about those differences.

If this is set, then will be ignored.

Set to to disable pinning a shortcut to the taskbar. by default. This feature only works on Windows 7 and 8; it isn’t possible to create taskbar pins from the installer on later Windows versions.

Set to to disable creating a shortcut on the desktop. by default.

Set to to disable creating a Start menu shortcut. by default.

For backwards compatibility, this option can also be spelled (plural), however only one shortcut is ever created in the Start menu per installation.

Set to to disable installing the Mozilla Maintenance Service. This will effectively prevent users from installing Firefox updates if they do not have write permissions to the installation directory. by default.

Set to to disable removing the directory from an existing installation that’s being paved over. By default this is and the directory is removed.

Set to to keep the installer from taking actions that would require rebooting the machine to complete, normally because files are in use. This should not be needed under normal circumstances because no such actions should be required unless you’re paving over a copy of Firefox that was running while the installer was trying to run, and setting this option in that case may result in an incomplete installation. by default.

Set to to disable installing any bundled extensions that are present. Normally none of these exist, except in special distributions of Firefox such as the one produced by Mozilla China or by other partner organizations. by default.

Set to to disable creating a recurring scheduled task to run the default browser agent. There are other ways (a policy and a pref) to disable the actions that the agent takes; this option is provided for tightly-controlled environments where even a
scheduled task that simply exits immediately is undesirable.

Read configuration from an .ini file. All settings should be placed into one section, called , and use the standard INI syntax. All settings are optional; they can be included or left out in any combination. Order does not matter.

The available settings in the .ini file are the same as the command line options, except for and (of course). They should be set with the same syntax described above for command line use.

For any option provided both in an .ini file and on the command line, the value found on the command line will be used. This allows command line options to override .ini settings.

Here’s an example of a valid .ini file for use with this option:

; Semicolons can be used to add comments
InstallDirectoryName=Firefox Release

Extract the application files to the given directory and exit, without actually running the installer. No other options may be supplied along with , and is not available for use in .ini files.

Migrate to Firefox from Chrome and Edge browsers

Migrations are generally quite lengthy and cumbersome. They involve a lot of preparation, setups and configurations, and careful planning to be executed successfully. Switching from one browser to another is no different. You need to prepare the proper setup and import all your settings, bookmarks, preferences, etc.

However, switching from any other browser to Firefox is pretty straightforward. Plus, it has its perks! (Read benefits of Firefox mentioned in the section on Firefox Quantum).

In here, we’ll show you how you can easily migrate to Firefox from two of its biggest competitors – Edge and Chrome.

Firefox makes it extremely easy to migrate your saved information (passwords, history, and cookies) and bookmarks from Google Chrome. Usually, if you install a fresh copy of Firefox, it automatically prompts you to import all your data as shown below.Import bookmarks history and passwords in Firefox

You can also choose to sync your data on Mozilla cloud servers so that you can take all your data with you on all your devices. This option is also given to you when you first install Firefox.Using Firefox Sync

If, however, you already have Firefox installed on your system and have chosen to import your data now, you can do so with the help of the Import Browser Data tool. To use this tool follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First, launch the Bookmarks Manager. For this click on the Library icon in the toolbar and then click on Bookmarks -> Show all Bookmarks. You can also reach there by clicking on Ctrl + Shift +B.

Show all bookmarks

This will open the “Library” dialog box from where you can organize and import your bookmarks from another browser. In this dialog box, click on the “Import and Backup” button on the toolbar and then select the option “Import Data from Another Browser”.Import data from another browser

This will open another dialog box which will show you the available installed browsers on your machine. Select the browser from which you want to import data and click on Next.Choose the browser to select data to import

Next, select the data you wish to import. That is, the cookies, browsing history, and/or saved passwords.Select items to import cookies browsing the history

Next, Firefox will import the data and give you an appropriate success message. You can repeat this procedure for as many browsers as you require. The bookmarks from different browsers will be stored in “From <browserName>” folders in your bookmarks menu and toolbar, but you can reorganize them however you want to.

Note: Firefox cannot import your add-ons. For this, you’ll have to search for equivalent extensions yourself from the Firefox add-ons gallery.

Mantenha todas as suas funcionalidades favoritas do navegador — e descubra coisas novas.

Todas as suas ferramentas favoritas da Google (como o Gmail e o Docs) funcionam perfeitamente no Firefox Browser.

Transfira esta extensão para o navegador para impedir que o Facebook (e o Instagram) o rastreiem na Internet.

Sincronize os seus dispositivos

O Firefox está disponível em todos os seus dispositivos; leve os seus separadores, histórico e marcadores consigo. Tudo o que precisa é de uma conta Firefox.

Capturas de ecrã

Obtenha uma imagem de alta resolução de qualquer coisa na Internet com a nossa ferramenta captura de ecrã diretamente incorporada no navegador

Proteção melhorada contra a monitorização (Enhanced Tracking Protection — ETP)

O Firefox impede automaticamente que muitos rastreadores de terceiros recolham e vendam a sua atividade na Internet.

Vídeo em janela flutuante

Desde assistir a um tutorial na Internet até ter um olho na sua equipa favorita, o seu vídeo está consigo enquanto realiza outras tarefas.

What is Firefox Quantum?

Firefox’s latest version, Firefox Quantum is claimed to be the fastest version of the browser ever. It includes several improvements to Firefox’s Gecko browser engine and also includes refinements to the UI and interactions.Firefox Quantum

When it was launched it created a lot of market hype and many people have even switched their browsers since. And rightfully so because of the following reasons:

  • Firefox Quantum is much faster than its predecessor and also Chrome and Edge.
  • It gives users more control over how their data is handled
  • The dev tools of Firefox Quantum are slightly better than Chrome’s
  • It takes up lesser system resources than Chrome
  • Its UI is snappier!

Firefox offline installers

You have two official options to download offline versions of the Firefox web browser to your system. You can download offline versions of Firefox from the Mozilla website or from the archive server. Both let you download a full copy of Firefox for all supported operating systems, architectures, and languages.

The core difference between the two options is that you can download any version of Firefox from the FTP server but only the latest version from the website.

So, if you always wanted to check out Firefox 0.10, Firefox 4.0, or Firefox 25.0, now is your chance to do so (if you do, please do so in a locked down environment as these browsers may contain security vulnerabilities that were fixed in later versions).

Mozilla website

Note: Mozilla changed the design of download pages recently. While you can still use the links provided below to download offline installers for all supported operating systems, you now have to make up to three selections before you can do so.

Use the following links to open the Firefox offline installer download pages on the Mozilla website:

  • Firefox Stable (offline):
  • Firefox ESR (offline):
  • Firefox Beta (offline): h
  • Firefox Developer Edition (offline):
  • Firefox Nightly (offline):

Downloads for Android are also provided:

  • Firefox Android (offline):
  • Firefox Android Beta (offline):
  • Firefox Android Nightly (offline): y

All download pages use the same layout. Select the browser edition that you want to download, e.g. Beta or ESR, then the installer (Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux 32-bit and 64-bit, Mac OS X, or Windows MSI 32-bit or 64-bit), and then the language. Hit the download now button to start the download of the full Firefox installer to the local system.

Mozilla FTP Server

You access the Mozilla FTP server via HTTP right now using the following URL:


This opens a directory with links to all Firefox releases starting with Firefox 0.10 to the very latest (stable, beta and release candidate) releases. You can use the directory to download the latest release version of Firefox to your system but also any previous stable release of the web browser.

A click on a directory displays the supported operating systems on the next screen. The following options are usually provided (not that some may options may only be available for select versions and not all the time).

  • win32 — Windows 32-bit Firefox
  • win64 — Windows 64-bit Firefox
  • win32-EME-free — Windows 32-bit Firefox without Encrypted Media Extensions
  • win64-EME-free — Windows 64-bit Firefox without Encrypted Media Extensions
  • Linux-i686 — 32-bit Linux Firefox
  • Linux-x86_64 — 64-bit Linux Firefox
  • mac — Mac OS X version of Firefox
  • mac-EME-free — Mac OS X version of Firefox without Encrypted Media Extensions

A click on one of the operating system directory links opens all localized versions of Firefox for the selected Firefox version and operating system. Mozilla uses language and country codes to list available versions.

The codes en-us, pt-BR, and hu, for example, refer to English-United States, Portuguese Brazil, and Hungarian. While a country’s domain extension is used usually by Mozilla, it is not the case all the time.

The final page lists the download link and the size of the download.

Tip: You can modify the URL of the download page easily to jump directly to specific releases. The URL structure is https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/60.0/win64/en-US/.

Simply change the following directories:

  • version: 60.0
  • platform: win64
  • language code: en-US

While you can download full versions of the Firefox web browser from third-party download portals as well, there is no need to do so unless you want to download a portable version of Firefox.

Closing Words

Mozilla pushes the stub installer on its website and it may be the better solution for most users interested in downloading the web browser and for Mozilla. Users who prefer to download the full version of Firefox instead can do so as well and as long as the option is provided, there is nothing wrong with offering a stub downloaded by default.

Now You: Which version of Firefox do you download, and why?


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