Сервис бесплатных portable программ portableapps.com

15.0 [2018-05-09]

Changes since last stable release

  • ADDED: Alternate download for Win XP/Vista for TLS 1.1/1.2 hosts
  • ADDED: Support for .NET 2-4 apps
  • ADDED: High DPI support in platform’s menu, options, about, dialogs
  • ADDED: High contrast theme detection and passing of that data to apps
  • ADDED: Touch scrolling of menu app list
  • ADDED: Save What’s New seen on window close, prevent re-show after unsafe exit
  • ADDED: Platform setting of Documents, Pictures, etc environment vars for apps
  • UPDATED: Delphi compiler to 10.2.3, drops Windows 2000 support
  • UPDATED: SHA256 handling switched to built-in
  • UPDATED: 7-Zip to 18.05
  • UPDATED: Compressed platform graphics to save space
  • UPDATED: Eject utility with bug fixes and features
  • UPDATED: Updater/app store checkboxes to Windows 10 visuals
  • UPDATED: Brazilian Portuguese, Croatian, Finnish, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish locales
  • FIXED: Windows 7+ can’t download when TLS 1.1/1.2 disabled
  • FIXED: Black boxes around app icons under Wine
  • FIXED: Some app store/updater/backup text not visible with high contrast Windows theme
  • REMOVED: Hold CTRL to launch apps as admin

Office (View by Category)

  • A Note Portable — lightweight sticky notes
  • AbiWord Portable — a lightweight word processor compatible with Microsoft Word files
  • Apache OpenOffice Portable — word processor, spreadsheet, presentations with Microsoft compatibility
  • BabelPad Portable (Freeware) — Unicode word processor and text editor
  • calibre Portable — ebook manager and viewer
  • Cherrytree Portable — hierarchical note-taker and organizer
  • CintaNotes Portable (Freeware) — lightweight note-taker
  • CuteMarkEd Portable — simple markdown editor
  • Dia Portable — full-featured diagramming tool
  • Evince Portable — document viewer (pdf, ps, djvu, tiff, dvi)
  • Finance Explorer Portable (Freeware) — personal financial management
  • FocusWriter Portable — distraction-free word processor
  • Foxit Reader Portable (Freeware) — small and fast PDF reader
  • GnuCash Portable — accounting, expenses and financial management
  • Gnumeric Portable — full-featured spreadsheet
  • Jarte Portable (Freeware) — lightweight, tabbed word processor
  • KchmViewer Portable — full-featured CHM viewer
  • KeepNotePortable — note taking and organization
  • LibreOffice Portable — word processor, spreadsheet, presentations with excellent compatibility
  • Money Manager Ex Portable — easy-to-use personal finance software
  • Mozilla Sunbird, Portable Edition — Calendar and task management with a familiar interface
  • Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition (Address Book) — Email client’s full featured address book
  • PDFTK Builder Portable — split, collate, watermark and password protect PDF documents
  • PDF-XChange Editor Portable (Freeware) — PDF editor and viewer
  • PDF-XChange Viewer Portable (Freeware) — PDF viewer
  • PNotes Portable — sticky notes to go
  • QOwnNotes Portable — markdown note-taker
  • RedNotebook Portable — modern journal and diary
  • Scribus Portable — desktop publishing
  • Sigil Portable — WYSIWYG ebook editor
  • SpeedCrunch Portable — an intuitive algebraic calculator
  • Stickies Portable (Freeware) — lightweight sticky notes
  • Sumatra PDF Portable — PDF, Comic Book, and E-book Reader
  • Task Coach Portable — to do list and task manager
  • The Guide Portable — two-pane outliner
  • WinDjView Portable — a lightweight DjVu viewer
  • ZoomIt Portable (Freeware) — live screen zooming and annotation

Graphics & Pictures (View by Category)

  • AndreaMosaic Portable (Freeware) — mosaic image creator
  • AniFX Portable (Freeware) — full-featured cursor editor
  • Blender Portable — 3D modelling, animation, rendering, post-production, playback
  • Caesium Portable — image converter and optimizer
  • Cornice Portable — image viewer with slideshow
  • Dia Portable — full-featured diagramming tool
  • DiffImg Portable — image comparison tool
  • FastStone Capture Portable (Freeware) — screen capture and editor
  • FastStone Image Viewer Portable (Freeware) — view, organize and convert images
  • Fotografix Portable (Freeware) — lightweight image editor
  • FotoSketcher Portable (Freeware) — make art from digital images
  • Fyre Portable — 2D computational artwork
  • GIMP Portable — Photo and Image Editor
  • Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Portable — icon, cursor, and library editor
  • Hot Spot Studio Portable (Freeware) — mix light to create art
  • IcoFX Portable (Freeware) — full-featured icon editor
  • IDPhotoStudio Portable (Freeware) — ID photo duplicator and printer
  • Inkscape Portable — vector graphics editor
  • IrfanView Portable (Freeware) — lightweight graphic viewer
  • JPEGView Portable — image viewer and processor
  • K-3D Portable — 3D modeling and animation
  • Krita Portable — Sketching and painting
  • LazPaint Portable — Photo and Image Editor
  • LibreCAD Portable — 2D computer-aided design (CAD) tool
  • MyPaint Portable — Digital painting and illustration
  • Pencil2D Portable — 2D hand-drawn animation tool
  • Pencil Project Portable — prototyping and diagramming tool
  • PhotoFilmStrip Portable — photo slide show creator
  • PhotoFiltre Portable (Freeware) — image editing and effects
  • PicPick Portable (Freeware) — screen capture, editor, color picker, and more
  • PngOptimizer Portable — image converter and optimizer
  • RawTherapee Portable — advanced raw image processor
  • Smart Deblur Portable — sharpen out of focus and blurry images
  • XnView Portable (Freeware) — view, organize and convert photos

Advanced Features

Whether you want to only see open source software, hide the word «Portable» in your app names, hide splash screens, automatically start apps when you start the menu, show installed apps in the app store list, get a report on all your installed apps, tweak the look and functionality of the menu or start checking out beta versions of our software, the PortableApps.com Platform has the power — and the options — to work the way you want it to. And if there’s something we haven’t added yet that you’d like to see, just ask in the forums. We add new features every month!

Now that you know more, why not try it out for free!

Adding PortableApps.com Format Apps to the PortableApps.com Menu

The easiest way to add new apps to your platform is to use the built-in PortableApps.com App Store. Just click Apps — Get More Apps… and then select how you would like to see the apps organized (by category, by name, new apps, or recent updates). Check off the apps you’d like to install and then click Next. The platform will automatically download and install them for you. And, since you’re getting them from PortableApps.com, you know they’ve been checked for malware and viruses and haven’t been altered since we checked them.

The PortableApps.com Menu can automatically add apps in PortableApps.com Format from outside the app store, too. Just download the the PortableApps.com Installer (ending in .paf.exe) for the app you’d like to add (like FileZilla Portable, for instance). Then, in PortableApps.com Menu, click Apps — Install a New App and then select the FileZilla_Portable_X.Y.paf.exe file you just downloaded. The PortableApps.com Menu will automatically install it to the proper location for you.

You can also run the installers directly. As long as you have your portable apps installed to the standard location, they will automatically find your PortableApps.com drive, install and tell the menu to refresh.

4.2 (aka 2.0 Pre-Release 4.2) [2011-10-25]

  • ADDED: Platform automatically closes during upgrade process when upgrading from 4.2 and higher
  • UPDATED: Locale code changes suggested by Chris et al
  • FIXED: When adding apps, final box should not be «All portable apps are up to date.»
  • FIXED: App name not displayed when uninstall fails due to read-only files or similar (screenshot)
  • FIXED: The updater, app directory, options window and backup/restore are now accessible to screen readers via the tray icon
  • FIXED: Checking for updates on startup results in an error that the updater must be launched from the platform. (introduced in 4.1, will be fixed in 4.2)

3.0 (aka 2.0 Pre-Release 3) [2011-08-09]

  • FIXED: uTorrent Portable fails to install as an invalid download
  • FIXED: Danish language not showing properly
  • FIXED: Fix proxy authentication properly so updater/app directory prompt for login Fix available for PR2.1
  • FIXED: Updater shows blank screen when no updates (details and screenshot)
  • FIXED: Task bar icon does not properly show/hide on all OSes as intended
  • FIXED: Donate/Support links don’t properly execute browser
  • FIXED: Only Firefox Portable or system browser used for menu-launched URLs (Fix involves searching for Firefox, then Chrome, then Opera, then Maxthon . This is a temporary fix until file associations are integrated from add-ons).
  • FIXED: Better hiding of «Portable» in names. Example: Private browsing byApps.com
  • FIXED: When showing hidden apps, strikethrough can show on folders

Adding Other Apps to the PortableApps.com Menu

The PortableApps.com Menu will also work with other standalone and portable apps. You just need to place them in a directory «next to» the PortableApps.com directory. So, in a standard layout, you’d create a directory within the X:\PortableApps directory and place it within there. For example, if you have a portable program MyApp.exe, you could create a folder called X:\PortableApps\MyApp\ and place MyApp.exe and all its files within there. Then, just click Apps — Refresh App Icons within the PortableApps.com Menu and your new app will show up.

It should be noted that, unlike apps in PortableApps.com Format, other apps labeled as ‘portable’ may not meet the definition of a portable app according to PortableApps.com. They could leave things behind on the local PC or some functionality may break as you move PCs. You will need to check with the provider to ensure it is fully portable. Additionally, apps not in PortableApps.com Format will not have their data backed up when you select to only backup app data using the platform’s backup feature. It will be backed up during a full backup, though.

12.0 Beta 3 [2014-04-30]

  • ADDED: New app store/updater algorithm. Improves update check speed by 10x or more and has an app database download that is 1/5 the size.
  • ADDED: Hold shift key to disable automatically starting apps on startup
  • ADDED: Collapse categories on menu minimize, optionally
  • ADDED: Windows 8 style checkboxes under Windows 8
  • ADDED: Official OEM branding support ala KeyZ, Gigs2Go, etc
  • UPDATED: 18 locales
  • FIXED: Backup details window shows error in beginning and doesn’t turn echo off
  • FIXED: Check for Errors in Help does not work in XP (switching verb to open)
  • FIXED: Beta theme preview doesn’t show correct icons for all themes
  • FIXED: MB/GB/KB not translated in drive free space
  • FIXED: free drive space not updated immediately after locale change
  • FIXED: Invalid floating point error when run on network drive, thread)
  • FIXED: Beta white default theme right-hand text invisible
  • FIXED: Custom categories with unicode are lost on next run (workaround: open the PortableAppsMenu.ini within the PortableApps\PortableApps.com\Data directory in Notepad++, switch encoding to UCS2-LE and save)
  • FIXED: Start.exe and PortableAppsPlatform.exe only have 16/32px icon sizes (need up to 256px)
  • FIXED: Apps aren’t selected by default in updater in screen-reader friendly mode, will be set to update all if no selection made.
  • FIXED: Window focus issues due to the inetc component (menu minimize on startup before click when update check done, menu can’t be minimized on start during update check, etc)
  • FIXED: Error when uninstalling two apps at the same time, which should be impossible *
  • FIXED: Ampersands don’t show properly in Uninstall window
  • FIXED: Improve SendRequest error message in updater/app store
  • FIXED: The box «All applications are up to date» appears below other windows
  • FIXED: Updater/App Store says ‘finished’ when user clicks next without selecting

Using the PortableApps.com Platform

To start up the PortableApps.com Platform, just double-click StartPortableApps.exe in the root of your portable drive. In many cases, Windows will ask if you’d like
to start PortableApps.com when you plug in your drive. Then, use the intuitive PortableApps.com Menu to launch your apps, browse your drive, search the web and more.

When using any portable software, here are a couple tips:

  • Stay Safe — When using portable apps, it’s always a good idea to practice Safe Portable App-ing.
  • Removing Your Drive — When you’re done, exit all portable apps and then wait for the activity light on your removable drive to stop flashing. Then click the eject button in the PortableApps.com menu and select to safely eject your drive. If you remove the drive while it is writing, you may lose data.

Issue with app installers showing and requiring clicking Next/Finish during automatic updates

When automatically updating or installing your apps via the PortableApps.com Platform, the installers should be running in silent mode. The only exception to this is if you need to agree to agree to a license agreement when installing a new app or when updating an app and the license has changed. (And we’ll be consolidating that in a future release.) If you see installers checking the install directory and requiring you to click Next and then Finish, that means the installers are unable to see the running PortableApps.com Platform and are not running in fully silent/automated mode. First, make sure both the PortableApps.com Platform and PortableApps.com Updater/App Store are still running. If you close the platform while the updater is running, installers won’t run silently. Second, try rebooting your machine. Sometimes Windows has issues with processes being visible to each other after specific applications have run or Windows has been running for a long time. There is also an obscure bug that takes places with a specific set/number of processes running that is fixed by a reboot. This is fixed in the current PortableApps.com Installer release but many apps use an older version. Third, make sure the permissions on your drive are correct. If using NTFS on an external drive, ensure Everyone is set to Full Access for everything within the PortableApps directory. Fourth, check your machine for viruses and malware. Infections can sometimes interfere with some processes and with messaging between processes. Fifth, check your drive for errors. Some logical errors can interfere with the installers checking for the platform on your drive. Sixth, try installing a new copy of the platform over itself. You can download it from the Download page and run the installer, select a custom location, then select the directory that Start.exe is in. Lastly, if none of this applies to you, you can post a note to our forums with the complete details (Windows version and build number, 32 or 64-bit, full install path, and any other relevant details).

Upgrading a Portable App

PortableApps.com Platform Updater (Recommended) — To upgrade your apps using the platform’s built-in updater, just select Help and then Check for Updates. The platform will inform you what apps are out of date and offer to automatically download and install the updated versions.

PortableApps.com Platform Manual — To upgrade a portable app from the PortableApps.com Platform manually, first, make sure the app isn’t open. Then, click Apps and then Install a New App. In the window that comes up, click the Install button. Then, browse to the AppNamePortable_x.x.paf.exe file you downloaded and select it. Now, follow the on-screen prompts if there are any. The Platform takes care of letting the installer know where to install to. All of your current settings and data will be preserved.

Standalone — To upgrade a portable app manually without the PortableApps.com Platform, just browse to the location of the AppNamePortable_x.x.paf.exe file you downloaded. Double-click the file to start the installation. Follow the on-screen prompts and select the location you’d like to install to. For upgrades, you should select the parent directory of the AppNamePortable directory in which the app is currently installed. For example, if the app is within X:\PortableApps\AppNamePortable, you’d want to select the X:\PortableApps directory in the Browse Folder window. After clicking OK, it should show X:\PortableApps\AppNamePortable. All of your current settings and data will be preserved.

AntiVirus and AntiSpyware False Positives

Some false positive reports occasionally pop up in different antivirus products in conjunction with software. This is partially due to the compression and portablization techniques used but mostly due to a failure of some antivirus companies to bad virus definition updates or questionable heuristics detections. If you encounter a false positive, please test the file in another antivirus product before reporting the issue to us in the forums to ensure that it’s not an error in their software. Several companies make available online scanners for individual files, so you won’t even have to install software (VirusTotal, MetaDefender, Jotti). Note that these online scanners use dozens of antivirus engines and will generally show false positives in a few of them. False positives in engines like Jiangmin, Bkav, Qihoo, and Trapmine can safely be ignored. You can also use ClamWin Portable or Emsisoft Portable to scan on the go. Thanks for your help.

Music & Video (View by Category)

  • AIMP Portable (freeware) — Music player, library, converter and more
  • Audacity Portable — A simple audio editor and recorder
  • AutoDrum Portable — automatic drum accompanist
  • Avidemux Portable -simple video editor
  • CDex Portable — cd audio extraction and conversion
  • cdrtfe Portable — CD, DVD, VCD burner
  • CoolPlayer+ Portable — Lightweight, fast, easy-to-use audio player
  • DVDStyler Portable — DVD menu authoring tool
  • fre:ac Portable — extract, convert, and encode audio
  • InfraRecorder Portable — full-featured CD and DVD burner
  • LameXP Portable — audio converter
  • LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) Portable — music creation and production
  • Media Player Classic — Black Edition (MPC-BE) Portable — Lightweight media player
  • Media Player Classic — Home Cinema (MPC-HC) Portable — Lightweight media player
  • MediaInfo Portable — media information utility
  • Mixxx Portable — virtual DJ mixer
  • Mp3splt-gtk Portable — mp3, FLAC, and ogg splitter
  • MuseScore Portable — music composition and notation
  • OBS Studio Portable — live streaming and recording software
  • OpenShot Portable — full-featured video editor
  • MusicBrainz Picard Portable — audio file tagger
  • Paul Stretch Portable — extreme audio stretching
  • PotPlayer Portable (freeware) — hardware enhanced media player
  • Qmmp Portable — Lightweight audio player
  • Shotcut Portable — full-featured video editor
  • SMPlayer Portable — Full-featured movie player with support for most video formats
  • TAudioConverter Portable — audio converter and cd extractor
  • TEncoder Video Converter Portable — convert, rip, and download video
  • VirtualDub Portable — video processing and capture utility
  • VLC Media Player Portable — An easy to use media player that plays many formats
  • WaveShop Portable — bit-perfect audio editor
  • winLAME Portable -multi-format audio converter
  • wxMP3gain Portable — MP3 audio normalizer
  • XMPlay Portable (Freeware) — Full featured audio player and library

Графические редакторы

Как уже писалось, в статье мы говорим о бесплатных portable приложениях. Т.е. не о photoshop portable. Итак, среди растровых редакторов, доступных в переносимом варианте, лучшим является Gimp. Он может использоваться как для простого изменения, обрезки, поворота фотографий, так и для более профессиональных целей. Кроме этого, с помощью Gimp можно конвертировать форматы изображений

Векторный редактор, на который следует обратить внимание — Inkscape, позволяющий делать многое из того, что доступно в профессиональных редакторах от Adobe и Corel

Если же у Вас нет цели заниматься редактированием фотографий с помощью portable программ, а только просматривать их, тут вам помогут приложения XnView и IrfanView Portable. Оба этих приложения поддерживают множество растровых и векторных форматов, а также анимацию, видео и наборы иконок. Также в них присутствуют и базовые инструменты для редактирования и конвертации форматов изображений.

Еще одно portable приложение, имеющее отношение к графике и весьма при этом полезное — CamStudio. С помощью этой программы Вы легко можете записывать в видео-файл или flash все происходящее на экране, а также аудио на компьютере.

11.2 [2012-10-14]

  • ADDED: Descriptions are shown in app tooltips (when platform is set to English, other languages coming)
  • ADDED: Show EXE name for non-PA.c Format apps in tooltips
  • ADDED: Ability to show errors for updater running in startup mode
  • UPDATED: French, Simplified Chinese and Slovenian locales
  • FIXED: Autorun protection disable only disables realtime detection, not detection on platform start
  • FIXED: I/O error 32 on certain drives with autorun protection on, realtime disabled by default and warning included
  • FIXED: Platform can get stuck not auto-hiding if updater on startup fails to complete
  • FIXED: Closing Options resets the app list view even if no changes requiring that to happen were made

Removing Apps from the PortableApps.com Menu

To uninstall a portable app, just right-click and select Uninstall. The Platform will ask if you’re sure, then it will take a few moments to delete all the files.

You can also just delete the app itself in Explorer. From the PortableApps.com Menu, just click the Explore button and browse to the PortableApps directory. There you will see a list of the directories containing the installed apps. To uninstall Mines-Perfect Portable, for instance, you’d just delete the Mines-PerfectPortable directory from your device. You can then click Options — Refresh App Icons within PortableApps.com Menu and the it will detect that you uninstalled the app.

Disk Tools

  • CrystalDiskInfo Portable — disk health monitoring tool
  • CrystalDiskMark Portable — disk benchmark utility
  • dfgPortable (Freeware) — defragment disks with Defraggler
  • HDHacker Portable (Freeware) — MBR and boot sector manager
  • JkDefrag Portable — Disk defragmentation and optimization
  • rcvPortable (Freeware) — file recovery with Recuva
  • Rufus Portable — format and create bootable USB drives
  • Smart Defrag Portable (Freeware) — disk defragmentation and optimization
  • SSD-Z Portable (Freeware) — SSD information tool
  • UNetbootin Portable — create bootable Linux USB drives
  • UltraDefrag Portable — Disk defragmentation and optimization
  • WinCDEmu Portable — cd/dvd/bd emulator and ISO mounter
  • Wise Disk Cleaner Portable (Freeware) — disk cleaner and defragmenter
  • YUMI Portable — multiboot USB creator
  • YUMI-UEFI Portable — multiboot USB creator

Chat, Instant Messaging & Phone

  • aMSN Portable — chat and video chat on MSN/Windows Live
  • Ekiga Portable — softphone, video conferencing and chat
  • HexChat Portable — customizable IRC chat client
  • Instantbird Portable — customizable instant messaging on AOL, Facebook, Google, MSN and more
  • Isotoxin Portable — multiprotocol secure chat
  • KVIrc Portable — full-featured IRC chat client
  • LAN Messenger Portable — peer-to-peer LAN chat and file transfer
  • MicroSIP Portable — lightweight SIP softphone
  • Miranda IM Portable — chat with AOL, MSN and Yahoo users in a customizable interface
  • Miranda NG Portable — multi-protocol instant messaging
  • Mumble Portable — voice chat
  • PChat Portable — full-featured IRC chat client
  • Pidgin Portable — chat with AOL, MSN and Yahoo users in an easy-to-use interface
  • QuteCom Portable — softphone, text, audio and video chat
  • sPortable (Freeware) — assists with using Skype portably
  • Telegram Desktop Portable — secure instant messaging

Downloading a Portable App

PortableApps.com Platform — The easiest way to download new portable apps is to use the PortableApps.com Platform’s . Just click Apps from the PortableApps.com Menu and select Get More Apps. From there, you can view apps by Category, Alphabetically, Recently Updated or New Releases

Standalone — To download apps directly from PortableApps.com without our platform, just click the Download button from the application’s page. You’ll see a SourceForge download page that automatically selects a download server close to you and redirects you to the download. (If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may need to click the direct download link on this page. It appears as «If you are experiencing problems with the download please use this direct link» on the SourceForge page.) When you download the file, save it to a location you can easily find later like your Desktop or Downloads folder.

Добавление других portable программ в PortableApps.com

Перетащите в папку «PortableApps» другую переносную программу, не связанную с PortableApps.com.  Далее в оболочке выделите любую программу, а в контекстном меню нажмите на пункт «Обновить».

После обновления, в списке программ появится новая программа, которая будет расположена в папке «Прочее». Переместите программу в подходящую категорию, в соответствии с выполняемыми функциями.

Вам также может быть интересно:

  • Ninite для автоматической установки программ
  • Бесплатные программы для Windows

Некоторые портабельные программы добавляют два значка в оболочку. Оставьте в платформе цветной значок (будет понятно), а по другому значку кликните правой кнопкой мыши, в контекстном меню выберите команду «Скрыть».

В программах могут быть два одинаковых значка для работы отдельно в 32 битных или 64 битных версиях операционной системы Windows. Что делать в этом случае, я покажу на примере программы CCleaner Portable.

Подведите курсор мыши к одному из двух одинаковых значков для того, чтобы увидеть разрядность приложения. Вы увидите, что данный значок расположен по пути к файлу «CCleaner64.exe». Этот значок можно переименовать из контекстного меню. Дайте значку новое имя, например, «CCleaner x64». После этого, будет понятно, что с данного значка можно запускать программу в 64 битной версии операционной системы Windows.

Using and Updating Multiple Copies of the Same App

PortableApps.com Platform 13.0 introduced the ability to use and update multiple copies of the same app. Once you’ve installed the app you’d like more than one copy of, browse to your PortableApps directory and make a duplicate of the AppNamePortable folder you’d like another copy of. Copying and pasting it in Explorer will work fine. Rename the second copy to AppNamePortable_Copy_2 (replacing AppName with the name of the app). You can have up to 10 copies of the same app with the 10th being AppNamerPortable_Copy_10. Now, when you check for updates within the PortableApps.com Platform, the update will applied to all copies of the same app. Be sure to preserve your original AppNamePortable copy as that will be the one the updater uses to determine when all of them need an update. Note that a couple of apps maintained by the publisher using a much older version of the PortableApps.com Installer may not support multiple copies of an app (example: Task Coach Portable).

15.0 Beta 2 [2018-02-06]

  • ADDED: Swipe up/down a page in the menu app list with touch gestures
  • ADDED: Save What’s New seen on window close, prevent re-show after unsafe exit
  • ADDED: Platform setting of Documents, Pictures, etc environment vars for apps
  • UPDATED: 7-Zip to 18.01 to address a potential security issue
  • UPDATED: Eject utility with bug fixes and features
  • UPDATED: Updater/app store checkboxes to Windows 10 visuals
  • UPDATED: French and Portuguese locales
  • FIXED: Some app store/updater/backup text not visible with high contrast Windows theme
  • FIXED: Large text in platform submenus on high DPI screens (tray menu still affected)

Офисные приложения

На сайтах, посвященных Portable софту, можно найти свыше десятка удобных и функциональных портативных версий программ для работы с текстом, электронными таблицами, ежедневного планирования, просмотра PDF
и DjVu файлов и других целей.

Первое место среди офисных приложений занимает бесплатный офисный пакет OpenOffice.org, хотя многие пользователи предпочитают портативные версии Word
и Excel
из пакета Microsoft
. Также доступна Portable версия текстового редактора AbiWord.

Для просмотра PDF
файлов удобно использовать Foxit Reader, Sumatra PDF, PDF-XChange Viewer или Cool PDF Reader. Но многие электронные книги поставляются в формате DjVu. Открыть такие файлы можно при помощи программы WinDjView, которая работает без установки.

2. Программы для интернета

К этой категории можно отнести браузеры, ICQ
и e
клиенты, Skype
, торрент и FTP
клиенты и т.д. Среди почтовых клиентов традиционно лидирует Mozilla Thunderbird, который не только умеет принимать и отправлять почту, но и обладает множеством полезных возможностей.

Portable версии браузеров не создали только ленивые разработчики: Firefox
, Chrome
и Opera
без труда устанавливаются на съемный носитель, чтобы вы могли выходить в интернет везде, где это возможно. Причем у Opera
эта функция появилась сравнительно недавно даже в стандартном инсталляторе. Мы уже писали, что достаточно скачать обычную версию браузера и при установке просто указать присоединенную к ПК флешку или внешний жесткий диск.

клиентами еще проще. Помимо традиционных портативных версий Miranda
и Pidgin
, на съемный диск при должной смекалке можно поселить и QIP
. Для этого нужно скачать zip
или rar
архив с программой с официального сайта www
и распаковать его в отдельную папку на флешке. При этом папку вашего профиля также следует создать на съемном носителе. В ней помимо всего прочего будут храниться присланные файлы и история переписки. Кстати, распаковывать и запаковывать архивы удобно при помощи портативной версии 7-Zip

Любители подключаться к серверам по SSH и Telnet
протоколам в обязательном порядке заведут на флешке удобный клиент со скромными размерами PuTTY, а вот для работы с сайтами по FTP
существует несколько простых и функциональных Portable программ: WinSCP, FileZilla, FireFTP. Последнее приложение представляет собой дополнение для Firefox
, которое придется установить на съемный носитель в довесок к этому замечательному браузеру.

Файловый менеджер Far
, хотя и не представлен в списке стандартных портативных программ, но может служить не только для работы с файлами на любом компьютере, но и выступать в роли Portable FTP

Для загрузки файлов из торрент сетей нет ничего лучше небольшой портативной программки µTorrent, о работе с которой мы ранее писали на страницах Ячайника.

Puzzle Games

  • 2048 Portable — number tile puzzle game
  • 4st Attack Portable — 4-in-a-row puzzle game
  • Get Sudoku Portable — interactive sudoku solver
  • Golly Portable — Game of Life simulator
  • Hex-a-Hop Portable — hexagonal puzzle game
  • Jooleem Portable — simple and addictive puzzle game with great music and visuals
  • LMarbles Portable — pattern-matching puzzle game
  • Mines-Perfect Portable — a classic hunt-for-mines game with advanced features
  • Pathological Portable — color-matching puzzle game
  • Pingus Portable — puzzle platforming game
  • Pushover Portable — falling domino puzzle game
  • Puzzle Collection Portable — dozens of single player puzzles
  • Simple Sudoku Portable (Freeware) — sudoku game, creator, and solver
  • Sudoku Portable — the wildly popular and addictive puzzle game
  • Tick5 Portable — 5-in-a-row puzzle game
  • Tile World Portable — engaging and fast-paced tile-based puzzles
  • Twin Distress Portable — color matching puzzle game
  • USB Sudoku Portable — the wildly popular and addictive puzzle game
  • WAtomic Portable — molecular puzzle game
  • Wizznic Portable — brick-matching puzzle game
  • Xye Portable — collect-the-gems puzzle game
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